Our purpose

Dolly’s Dream is committed to changing the culture of bullying by addressing the impact of bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide, through education and direct support to young people and families.

What we do

Support Line

Support from a qualified counsellor isn’t cheap, and it’s not always accessible, which is why Dolly’s Dream offers a free support line for people who need it most.

Beacon Cyber Safety App

Beacon provides families with trustworthy, practical resources to help them confidently navigate their children’s technology use and reduce associated harms.

School Workshops

Our anti-bullying and digital safety workshops are built to be interactive and engaging, without fear of judgement.

Mental Health First Aid training

Dolly’s Dream works with communities to deliver Mental Health First Aid training to help build their capacity in coping with mental health issues.

Parent Hub

To help make your life a little easier, Dolly’s Dream has done the research for you and pulled together the most trusted information about online safety and bullying.

Youth Support Program

Coming soon to the Northern Territory, this program will support young people to reach their full potential. Stay tuned for further updates! 

Get involved

We all have a part to play in creating a kinder world, free of bullying. Here’s how you can be a part of the Dolly’s Dream mission.

Do It For Dolly Day

Join us on Friday 10th May 2024 when the community comes together to spread kindness and unite in breaking the silence around bullying.

Fundraise for us

Fundraising for Dolly’s Dream is a great way to make a difference in the lives of those affected by bullying.

Partner with us

By partnering with Dolly’s Dream you can make an impact on behalf of your team, customers and community.

Make a donation

Donate today to help protect our young people and stop other precious lives being lost to bullying.

Become a monthly donor

Join our community of monthly donors and support vital bullying prevention and online safety programs that can be provided to young people and their families across Australia.

Community Sports Club Program

Equip your club with resources and a values-based framework to educate players and members about preventing bullying and cyberbullying and the importance of being kind.

Buy our Merchandise

Our Dolly’s Dream anti-bullying message is spread across the country by supporters wearing our merchandise, and we couldn’t be prouder to see it out there in the community.

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