Terms and conditions

We know you’re excited to start fundraising for us, but before you start planning it’s important that you read through the guidelines below.

Authority to Fundraise

All community fundraisers must complete the online registration form at fundraise.dollysdream.org.au to obtain a letter of Authority to Fundraise. 

Once your application has been approved, a letter of Authority to Fundraise will be issued by Dolly’s Dream. This letter is required as proof of activity when applying for a licence or permit, seeking sponsorship from the community, or during fundraising. 

You must immediately notify Dolly’s Dream of any changes to the approved fundraising activity and seek re-approval. 

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions may result in withdrawal of permission to fundraise on behalf of Dolly’s Dream. 

Financial and Legal

As a community fundraiser on behalf of Dolly’s Dream, the fundraising activity is your financial responsibility. No expenses are to be incurred in the name of Dolly’s Dream. It is the responsibility of all Dolly’s Dream fundraisers to ensure that their fundraising event or activity meets all state and federal legislative requirements including obtaining the appropriate permits and/or licences.  

Please refer to your local state or territory website for all fundraising legislation at www.nfplaw.org.au/fundraising or www.ato.gov.au/Non-profit/Gifts-and-fundraising/In-detail/Fundraising/State,-territory-and-local-government-requirements

Community fundraisers must provide a copy of all financial records relating to the activity to Dolly’s Dream upon request. You must seek approval for all marketing collateral created to promote the approved fundraising activity. 


In addition to abiding by all relevant state and federal legislation, all community fundraisers must agree to conduct themselves and the fundraising activity with decency, dignity, and honesty, and not bring Dolly’s Dream into disrepute. 

In particular Dolly’s Dream requires:

  • responsible service of alcohol at events
  • drug-free events
  • no illegal activity
  • no promotion of or undertaking of any form of violence
  • no opportunity for Dolly's Dream name/logo/products to be placed, promoted, grouped or featured alongside products that feature derogatory, insensitive or obscene material/messaging.

Dolly’s Dream reserves the right to withdraw approval of a fundraising activity if it is found to have breached these requirements. 

In relation to enquiries and/or complaints regarding the approved activity, you agree to:

  • immediately inform Dolly’s Dream
  • work together to respond to the enquiry or complaint in a timely manner with Dolly’s Dream procedures.

The Dolly’s Dream Code of Conduct must also be read and agreed as part of the online registration process.

Use of Dolly’s Dream name and logo

Community fundraisers may only use the Dolly’s Dream Community Supporter logo supplied by Dolly’s Dream and only for the specific use stipulated in your fundraising registration. 

In addition, logo use is subject to the following conditions:

  • all marketing collateral must be approved by Dolly’s Dream
  • authorisation is restricted to the period specified in your letter of Authority to Fundraise
  • logo use must be in accordance with the style guide provided by Dolly’s Dream.

Promotional materials

Promotional materials supplied by Dolly’s Dream may only be used for the approved fundraising activity.

Media and promotion

All media and promotional plans using the Dolly’s Dream brand must be approved by Dolly’s Dream. All media releases must also be submitted for approval by Dolly’s Dream before release, print or publication. 

A minimum of five working days are required for all sign off processes.

Age of fundraisers

Dolly’s Dream requires written consent from a parent or guardian for all fundraisers under the age of 18 years. 


Community fundraising activities are not covered by Dolly’s Dream insurance, including public indemnity, workers’ compensation for workers, nor personal accident insurance for volunteers and third party property insurance. 

As a community fundraiser, it is your responsibility to organise your own insurance cover. Dolly’s Dream will not be held responsible for any damages as a result of the approved fundraising activity. 

Donation tins

Dolly’s Dream may agree to supply donation tins for use at your event. You must agree to:

  • only use the supplied donation tins
  • ensure the donation tins are kept secure
  • report any lost or stolen tins to Dolly’s Dream immediately
  • use the donation tins only for the purposes of the approved activity
  • return the donation tins to Dolly’s Dream within two weeks of the approved activity
  • deposit any  money directly into the Dolly’s Dream bank account, keep accurate records of the amounts from each tin and send to fundraise@dollysdream.org.au


There are strict state and territory legislative requirements to hold raffles. You must agree to:

  • advise Dolly’s Dream of any plans to conduct a raffle in your application form
  • consult with the relevant government body in your state or territory and complete all necessary requirements to obtain raffle licences or permits
  • provide Dolly’s Dream with proof of approval from the relevant state office
  • provide any promotional material including raffle tickets to Dolly’s Dream, for approval as above. 

Face-to-face fundraising 

Face-to-face fundraising is any fundraising activity that takes place in a public space, eg. outside, school, workplace, shopping centres, etc.

To be able to conduct face-to-face fundraising, you must obtain fundraising permits from the relevant authority that manages the location of your activity, eg. councils, shopping centre management, churches, libraries, etc. 

You must carry your letter of Authority to Fundraise at all times when raising funds in public spaces. 

Tax-deductible receipts

To receive a tax-deductible receipt, the donation must be $2 or more and the donor must not receive anything in return, such as a ticket, gift or prize.

The person that makes the gift (the donor) is the person who can claim a deduction.

For more information about tax-deductible receipts, please visit https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Income-and-deductions/Deductions-you-can-claim/Other-deductions/Gifts-and-donations/