How to Bank
Your Funds

We want you to help get those fundraising dollars in the bank as soon as possible, so we can put them straight to work!

If you have raised money through an online fundraising or event page, that money has already hit our bank account and your job is done!If you hosted an in-person event, or collection and have physical cash to bank you might need a little more support.

Follow the instructions below on how to bank your funds and close off your Do It For Dolly Day activity.

To make an online donation

  1. Head to our donation page here and pay the funds now by credit card.
  2. If you have already created an online fundraising page for your event, you can use your credit card to bank any cash to your page and see your total rise!

To make a bank deposit

If you would like to make a deposit directly into our bank account please click this link, fill out the online form and we'll send the instructions and bank details to you by email. Easy!