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Dolly's Dream is lucky to enjoy the support of many businesses. By working together, we can educate and empower our community to prevent bullying and cyber bullying.

The support from local community businesses strengthens Dolly's Dream, they help support our anti-bullying initiatives and programs that provide vital education to our kids and communities about bullying prevention. 

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Because every business is unique, we like to hear what your plans are to support Dolly's Dream so that we can get a better understanding of how we can work together.

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Inspiring fundraiser

Hastings Deering Darwin Supports Dolly's Dream through staff fundraising and a Blue BBQ!

Our amazing friends at Hastings Deering Darwin raised funds for Dolly’s Dream through staff fundraising activities such as a cupcake day, blue dress Fridays in Dolly’s Dream apparel, and, to top it all off, a Blue BBQ! Kate and Tick attended the Blue BBQ and spoke to staff about raising awareness of the serious effects of bullying. Hastings Deering Darwin was thrilled to present Kate and Tick with a company donation cheque of $5k. Temika, the event organiser, said, “our workshop diesel fitters chose to support Dolly’s Dream as they wanted to support a local and impactful cause”. Hastings Deering Darwin raised over $11k in support of Dolly’s Dream. Great work Hastings Deering Darwin, and a fantastic example of how businesses can support Dolly’s Dream.

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