Get active

Take part in an active event of your choice and fundraise to help support the important anti-bullying work we do.

Join a fun run – from Bridge to Brisbane in Queensland to City2Surf in New South Wales to Outback Marathon in the Northern Territory, there are fun runs all across Australia for you to take part in!

Get started

Create your own

Challenge yourself to walk 5km a day for a month

Set a daily target of push-ups

Get fit and fundraise doing burpees

See how many stairs you can climb

Get sponsored for your efforts by sending your online fundraising page to friends, family and workmates. Get fit in the process, and know that every step you take will be helping us to raise awareness of the serious issue of bullying and its devastating effects.

Inspiring fundraiser

Lauren, one of our fantastic Dolly’s Dream champions, signed up to the Gold Coast half marathon and was sponsored by friends and family, raising funds for Dolly’s Dream. "As a teenager at boarding school, I myself encountered bullying and those demons and mental health scars still follow me into my life today,” Lauren says. “As a mum of a little girl, I desperately want my daughter to be able to grow up in an environment that she can feel safe in, and a community that makes her comfortable to be herself. So this issue is one that’s deeply important to me. The run wasn’t easy! I suffer from Fibromyalgia (a condition that causes generalised pain and muscle stiffness) and the attempt at running a half marathon was not something I took lightly. It was a mental and physical struggle for me, but it was my opportunity to challenge myself to raise awareness for this cause and the fantastic work that Dolly’s Dream does.”

Lauren raised over $6,000 for Dolly’s Dream and much needed awareness about bullying.

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